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Like you, talent recruitment and retention expert David Alemian has seen and heard many different strategies to retain highly-skilled talent.

The question is, which strategy or strategies work the best? 

  • Is it hiring someone who grew up in a similar geographical area? 

  • Is it a positive corporate culture? 

  • College debt forgiveness? 

  • Meaningful work?

  • Casual Fridays? 

  • Flex-time?

Or is it something else?


David's secret to talent recruitment and long-term retention has a long history and is hiding in plain sight for all to see. When conference attendees hear David’s talk, he opens their eyes and shines a bright light on an entirely new approach that instantly makes sense to all.

Imagine a road map that shows you how to overcome the talent shortage in almost any geographical area permanently. Moreover, now imagine the top talent you want is literally "Standing in Line" to work for your organization.

David Alemian goes beyond anything attendees have ever seen or heard before, because David’s approach is truly innovative and revolutionary.

"The World's Most Powerful

Retention and Recruitment Tools... PERIOD!!!"

                      - David Alemian


Recruitment and retention expert David Alemian is a problem solver. David shares his expertise by consulting directly with his clients. He has written over 200 articles for well-known media outlets and produced over 300 educational videos. One of his favorite ways to share his expertise is when he speaks at association conferences where he can help so many people at once.


​In 1991, David became a Certified Neuro-linguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP), before most people had even heard of NLP. Not too long afterward, David started a fantastic journey in the insurance business. Over the next 25 years, his innovative strategies have saved employers tens-of-millions of dollars, while improving the lives of countless employees. Just one of David's plans saved a small municipality of over $700,000. In another case, David's recruitment and retention strategies showed a rural healthcare organization how to save over $58,000,000. 


​THE BOTTOM LINE... David's clients achieve an enormous ROI.

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David Alemian

In 2010, David Alemian became the host of a weekly, one-hour radio show in San Diego called "It's About Money."   During its run, the successful show generated over 133 podcasts. 


David is the writer, producer, and host of "The Alemian File," an ongoing video column. David has written, produced, and appears in over 300 financial education videos. Along the way, he also wrote and published over 200 business articles for national media publications. The topics include insurance, retirement, employee retention, and employee recruitment. David’s work appears in national media outlets such as MD Magazine, Physician’s Money Digest, Physician’s Practice, eHow, and the Oside News. 


Today, David is an enthusiastic and animated public speaker and one of the leading consultants in the country on the topic of “Talent Acquisition and Retention.”




What David Does

He trains senior executives

on how to attract and retain highly-skilled talent. 


"There is a huge talent shortage… 

you can’t instantly manufacture more talent,...


 but you can incentivize talent to work for your organization. " 


                                                                          - David Alemian



David’s innovative and revolutionary approach focuses on “The Great American Dream” that lives in the hearts of so many tens-of-millions of Americans.  He fills the room with energy as he presents inspiring and informative keynotes, breakouts and workshops.

David has a unique and very animated stage presence.  He instantly relates to the audience with a combination of personal stories, absolutely stunning statistics, actual case studies, and historical facts.  His presentation is laid out in a logical, and entertaining fashion that holds the audience's attention like a powerful magnet, from beginning to end. 



Three Primary Audiences

  1. Senior leadership meetings (C-suite and other senior leadership, HR)

  2. Healthcare organizations (rural health and metropolitan)

  3. Professional associations (physicians, healthcare management, nursing, HR, legal, accounting, technology, logistics)




Where to Use David

  • Any association conference where talent recruitment and retention is a challenge for attendees.

  • Any rural healthcare conferences.


David’s Credibility

  • Published over 200 articles on recruitment, retention and related issues

  • The host of the “It’s About Money” radio show in San Diego.

  • Creator and Host of “The Alemian File”

  • Writer, producer and featured in over 300 financial education videos

  • David’s work appears in national media outlets such as MD Magazine, Physician’s Money Digest, Physician’s Practice, eHow, and the Oside News

  • Since 1991, Certified Neuro-linguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP) 

Program Titles

How to Win the Competition for Top Talent
One of the greatest challenges facing employers today is talent recruitment and retention.  For the first time in history, there are more job openings than there are job applicants to fill them.  The competition for top talent is tough and the cost of employee turnover is staggering.  Using a combination of historical facts, stories, and statistics, David wows his audience with a completely new solution to solving this enormous challenge.  Attendees learn exactly what they can do to retain their best people long-term, and acquire new top talent as they need it.


How to Build a World-class Organization

The difference between a world-class organization and a mediocre organization is the people who work there.  David shows employers how to acquire the absolute best talent in any industry.

The fact is most highly-paid employees cannot afford to retire.  Employers offering  Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS) can attract the highly-skilled employees they need.  By attaching a long-term vesting period to the SERP the employees will stay long-term.  The plans are fully discriminatory and are only offered to the top performers.  As other employees leave the organization, the plans are used to attract only the best talent.  Over time, the organization will be filled with only the best of the best employees.

How to Think Like a Champion and Win

Overcoming challenges is easier when you have the right "mindset".  Winners and losers each have a distinctly different way of thinking.  David uses NLP's science of modeling to teach audiences how to think like champions.    By copying the thinking patterns of champions, anyone can see positive results in their work and their personal lives.  Imagine what happens in an organization when all the employees think like winners.

David Has Worked with a Wide Range of Organizations Including: