Workforce Development Strategies

As an employer, you need to retain your highly skilled physicians and talented executives long-term.  Simultaneously, you want to acquire new talent to meet the ever-growing demands of your organization.

​Skilled labor shortages have sparked fierce competition for highly skilled labor, and employers are losing millions.  One of the hardest-hit industries is healthcare.

According to the Department of Labor, the cost to replace a highly educated employee earning $100k and up is more than double their salary. And the average U.S. worker changes jobs every 4.6 years

Depending on the specialty and the number of patients served, the true cost to replace a physician is right around a million dollars. 

Executive Retention Plans' "Done for You" program can lower your turnover costs by up to 82%.

Multiple reports American Medical Association reports reveal that retirement is the top financial concern amoung physicians.

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Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs), coupled with long-term vesting periods, are the ideal way to retain your most valuable employees.  A properly structured SERP can keep high-income earners happy and on the job by aligning their long-term personal goals with those of the organization.   

BANK FINANCING - The Key to Funding

Executive Retention Plans arranges special bank financing so that you can fully fund your executive benefit plan on day one. 

Our banking partners have created an outstanding loan explicitly designed for this purpose. The "Interest Only" financing enables our clients to fund the plan fully for just pennies on the dollar.

The result is a significant reduction in physician and executive turnover and savings of up to 82%. 

"Cliff Vesting" guarantees protection for the employer by making it possible to fully recover the investment if the employee fails to complete the vesting period.        

Stay Competitive in a Tight Labor Market

Talent Retention Plans have a highly effective way for employers to attract and retain the key employees that they need.

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